It’s time to say goodbye to the cold winds of winter, and that means that soon we’ll be hearing gentle rain splashing on the roof. But sometimes that rainfall isn’t so gentle; April can bring some heavy rains to Georgia, and if you own a home with a fireplace, you need to know that the rain that brightens up your lawn and garden is also the rain that can cause heavy damage to your chimney.

The Damaging Effects of Precipitation

Whether your chimney is made up of bricks, blocks, or stones, these materials are probably held together by mortar. Even though stones are pretty water resistant, these other materials are actually porous. When the heavy rains of April hit, this precipitation can easily get into the pores of the bricks, blocks, or mortar, and when this happens it can cause breakdown to occur – breakdown that can result in structural damage.

As a home owner, the first thing that you can do to determine if your chimney has sustained water damage is as simple as a visual inspection. Check out the exterior of your chimney and check for signs of spalling: cracking, peeling, or flaking of the bricks. Check out the condition of the mortar as well – if you notice that it is crumbly or soft, this is an indication that you have some water damage going on. On the interior of your home, check to see if there are water stains around the bricks of your fireplace. Another sign that leakage is occurring could be peeling wallpaper or water spots on the paint of your walls.

It’s relatively easy to check out the exterior of your chimney or the condition of your fireplace; unfortunately, damage can also occur on the inside of your chimney, where you can’t easily see it happening. This is where the professionals come in. You’ll want to hire CSIA certified experts, like those at Copper Top Chimney Services, who know what interior water damage looks like. Copper Top technicians use video technology to inspect the interior of your chimney, and if they determine that damage has occurred, they’ll know exactly what steps to take to rectify that damage.


The CSIA website stresses how important it is to have your chimney waterproofed as a line of defense against the damage that precipitation can cause to your chimney. It is important that the products that are used not only keep precipitation from entering your bricks and mortar from the outside, but that moisture that has already penetrated through to the interior of your chimney is allowed to escape. The chimney specialists at Copper Top Chimney Service use ChimneySaver products to ensure that your chimney has the best treatment possible. Not only do these products protect your masonry chimney from the negative effects of precipitation, as an added benefit, they are environmentally friendly.

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