During the winter months, it’s easy to find things to put on your summer fix-it list. If your roof leaks and needs to be re-shingled, it needs to be done in the summertime. This is when the hot summer sun can keep the tar soft and sticky. If you plan to add a deck onto your house, you might want to wait until it’s warm outside, so the cement can set properly. Another thing that should be done during the summer months? Having chimney repairs taken care of! Now that summer is in full swing, it’s a great time to give Copper Top Chimney Services a call. They will take care of those repair jobs that you noticed during the winter months of use.

Winter Usage

Do you use your chimney more in the cool winter months? If so, there are certain chemical processes that are taking place. These are going to cause wear and tear on your chimney system! If you have a fireplace, you know what creosote is. It’s the flammable substance that builds up in your chimney as a result of burning wood in your fireplace. The big worry of creosote build-up is the danger of a house fire. This is very legitimate. However, there is another problem that creosote can cause: the breakdown of the masonry of your chimney.

If your masonry is damaged it can lead to structural damage. This may mean that your chimney isn’t able to do the job it’s intended to do, which is to pull the smoke up and out of your home. If it isn’t being vented properly, the fine particles and mix of gases and hazardous chemicals in smoke may be ending up in your home. This can cause sickness and serious health concerns!

Mortar Work

If the structure of your chimney has been damaged, you may be looking at having mortar replaced. This is a job that is best done during the warm summer months. Why? The mortar needs to be at the correct temperature to cure properly. Although there are steps that can be taken to get this done in the cold months, it is much easier and less labor intensive to have it done during the summer. It means less time and money tied up in repairs!


Another good reason to have your chimney repair work done in the summer is a simple matter of time. Many repairs require an extended period of time to complete, and weather doesn’t always cooperate with these plans during the colder months of winter. To give your chimney professional the uninterrupted time he may need to complete a repair job, summertime is definitely the best time.

Annual Inspection

It’s important to have your chimney inspected annually. If your chimney professionals detect structural damage, summertime is the best time to have these repairs made. Give Copper Top Chimney Services a call soon so that you can get your inspection scheduled, along with any repair work that may need to be completed!