There’s just something so homey and beautiful about a chimney. It brings up visions of sitting snug under a blanket, sipping hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire. Just seeing the wisps of smoke drifting out of the chimney makes you feel comfortable and cozy. However, even though this scene looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell print, sometimes there are hidden issues! These hidden issues could make some big problems for the homeowner.

Signs of a Troubled Chimney

There are actually signs that you can see that might indicate that your chimney is in trouble. One of these signs is called spalling. Spalling is a condition in which water has entered bricks. When this happens, the bricks will start to flake or peel. This, in turn, could mean that the structural integrity of your chimney might be compromised – and that could mean major repairs!

Another area that can easily be checked visually is the mortar around the bricks. If it appears to be flaky or crumbly, it probably is deteriorating. This is most likely because of the effects of weathering through the years. Additionally, this could be a sign that your chimney is in need of tuckpointing, which is the process of having the damaged mortar removed and new mortar tucked between the bricks. It’s important to take care of this. Why? If too much of your mortar is damaged, your chimney could collapse!

Chimney That’s Leaning

Another visual check that you can do is to see if your chimney is leaning. If it looks to be a little off-center, it could mean that your chimney needs to be rebuilt. When your chimney starts to lean, it’s putting more pressure on one side. Unfortunately, that’s causing the base of the chimney to be unstable. If your chimney starts to lean too much, it could eventually break. Consequently, if those bricks start to fall on your roof or on other property, you could lose more than just your chimney! If your chimney is in this condition, you will be looking at a complete chimney rebuild, which could cost you quite a bit of money.


Another thing that you should look for is a damaged chimney crown. The chimney crown acts as a protection for your chimney, keeping out precipitation and animals. If your crown is cracked, it’s not able to perform this function, and that means that your chimney is not protected from the elements and may be weakened. If you do have a cracked chimney crown, you’ll want to make sure that the rest of your chimney is thoroughly checked for signs of damage.

Getting the Damage Repaired

If you are aware of these signs of damage, it’s important that you call in the professionals from Copper Top Chimney Service. They can conduct your annual inspection and cleaning , as well as take care of any chimney repairs or restoration that may need to be undertaken!