There are so many great things about spring! Nothing quite compares to getting out of the house after a chilly winter. Taking a walk around the neighborhood and taking in the sights and sounds of spring are almost magical. The breeze just seems to have a fresh smell to it, like it’s trying to blow away the stale odors of winter. Additionally, what is cuter than the babies that spring brings? Little chicks, tiny kittens, baby bunnies – they’re all just so sweet! Not to mention, the music of chirping birds filling the air. However, sometimes these babies turn up in an unlikely place: your chimney. When birds and other wildlife, like squirrels or raccoons, are looking for the ideal place to build a nest, your chimney just fits the bill! It’s warm, it’s out of the wind, and it’s safe from any other animal that may want to disrupt the nest.

Unwelcome Visitors

It’s awesome hearing the birds chirping outside. Plus, it’s great to be able to shut the window when you want to have some peace and quiet. If a bird is building a nest in your chimney, however, it’s not so easy to shut out the noise. It’s even worse if a bird or other animal falls in your chimney by accident; the noise of them trying to climb their way out can really be annoying. Whether your uninvited guests came accidentally or intentionally, it’s a good idea to get these visitors out of your chimney.

First of all, the birds or animals trying to raise a family in your chimney are doing so by building a nest there. What happens when they leave? The nest remains, and when you start using your fireplace again in the fall, that dry nest can be a fire hazard! The Animal Control Specialist website brings up another issue that can arise: the flies and fleas which can be brought into your home by these creatures! Not to mention the waste products the critters leave behind. Animal waste can bring strong odors with it, and that isn’t something you want perfuming your home. Another odor that can be caused by animals? If they die while trying to get out of your chimney. When this happens, you will know by the odor that emanates from your fireplace.

Animal Removal

Even though you want these creatures out of your chimney, it’s important to remember that they are living beings and that they should be removed in a humane manner. This means you will definitely not want to try smoking them out. This method can backfire and leave you with a smoky room. In addition, you could also succeed in killing the animal. This leaves you with the problem of body removal. Also, it’s important to note that it is illegal to take certain types of birds out of your chimney if they are nesting.

To remove the animals from your chimney, the best place to call is Copper Top Chimney Services. They are committed to safely and humanely removing animals from your chimney, and are qualified to handle removal of all animals, whether living or dead. Also, they can also recommend measures to take to avoid having animals in your chimney again!