There are so many terms to understand when it comes to your chimney. There are the dampers, which need to be open or closed depending on if you have a fire burning or not. There’s the flue, which guides the gases produced by your fire out of the house and into the open air. There’s the firebox, on which you actually build your fire. There’s a chimney cap, which is used to keep precipitation, birds, and other animals out of your chimney while allowing gases to exit your home. And there’s a crown, which keeps water from pooling around the edges where your chimney meets the roof. And that’s just a few of the many terms connected with chimneys. Another part of the chimney that doesn’t get much attention is the chase.

What’s A Chase/Chase Cover

A chase is simply a structure that is used to enclose another piece of equipment – in this case, your chimney. The chase hides a Class A chimney from view, and is used to make your home look more appealing from the outside view. A chase cover is simply what it says: a cover that fits over the chase with the purpose of keeping water, animals, or other things that blow around out of your chimney.

Class A Chimneys

This leads to another question: what’s a Class A chimney? Here is where an explanation of chimney types comes in handy. There are two main types of fireplaces – masonry and factory-built. Masonry fireplaces are usually made of brick, stone, and mortar, and most use wood as the source of the fire, although some do have gas-burning log sets which are more environmentally friendly.

The other type is a pre-fabricated (pre-fab or factory-built) fireplace. These fireplaces are made in a factory and then installed in your home. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, these pre-fab fireplaces are “lightweight, inexpensive, safe and efficient” and have excellent safety records if properly installed. If you install a pre-fab fireplace and chimney system, you will also want to install a chimney chase and chase cover.

Chase Cover

A chase cover is often made from galvanized steel or aluminum. The problem with these materials is that they easily rust and become holey, and this defeats the purpose of installing a chase cover. After all, precipitation in your chimney is what you’re trying to prevent! When you are looking for a chase cover, a much better option is a chase cover that is made from stainless steel. It’s also important that the chase cover is properly installed, as an improperly installed cover will not prevent leaks.

Call the Experts

Copper Top Chimney Service offers stainless steel chase covers for the best chase coverage you can get. They’ll start out with a complete inspection to determine if any water damage has occurred. After this, they can recommend exactly the chase cover that will work best for your chimney system. Give them a call today and let them find you the chase cover you need – and while you’re at it, why not schedule your annual inspection and cleaning? For chimney service you can trust, call Copper Top Chimney Service today!