Winter is here and it’s time that we can start looking for some snowfall in Atlanta! There’s nothing better after a day spent working or playing out in the cold than a nice hot bowl of soup followed by cozying up on the couch under a soft blanket in front of a fragrant, snapping fire. And if you live in Mableton or even as far away as Chattanooga, Tennessee or anywhere in between, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to worry about chimney inspections, cleanings, or repairs as long as you can give the experts at Copper Top Chimney Services a call!

What Problems Can You Have With Your Chimney?

Chimney Failure:

Inspectopedia reports some of the following causes of chimney failure:

Water leaks at the top of the chimney can cause water to seep down into the masonry. The mortar that holds the building materials of your chimney together is porous, and this water can permeate the mortar. If you live in a climate where it doesn’t freeze, although some damage might occur, the damage will be minor. However, in climates with freezing temperatures, when the water freezes, it will expand, and those porous areas will expand with it. The next time it precipitates, more water will enter the same crack, freeze, and the cycle will repeat itself. And as these cracks become even bigger, real structural damage can occur.

Sometimes there can be chimney movement which is simply due to improper chimney construction. This movement can cause leaning, cracks in the masonry, or defective footing – and again, you may be looking at expensive repairs.

Another construction issue that may have taken place might be that not enough space was left for movement that takes place as the interior of the chimney heats up. When this happens, thermal expansion cracks can occur.

Creosote Build-up:

If you’ve owned your fireplace for any length of time, you know all about creosote and the problems it can cause. This tar-like, sticky substance that is a by-product of the fire burning in your fireplace coats the inside of your chimney; this is highly flammable and can cause chimney fires if it is allowed to build up too thick of a layer inside of your chimney. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that you have your chimney inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis in order to take care of this creosote build-up before it gets out of hand. If you want the best and you live in the Atlanta area, give Copper Top Chimney Services a call.

Expertise and Experience:

The professionals at Copper Top Chimney Services have the expertise and the experience to take care of all of your chimney problems, so be proactive and have your chimney inspected on a yearly basis by their knowledgeable personnel. Copper Top Chimney Services has earned over 20 Angie’s List Super Service Awards, as well as multiple HomeAdvisor awards. For great service, call Copper Top Chimney Services today!