When you think about a chimney sweep service, it’s pretty natural to think of getting your chimney cleaned, right? This is a big part of what chimney service companies do – and it’s very important! A chimney fire can be a scary, destructive event that can have devastating effects on your life. However, did you know that there’s another service that Copper Top Chimney Service can perform that can prevent a home fire, as well? They can also provide dryer vent cleaning services.

Why Clean Your Dryer Vents

The most important reason to have your dryer vent cleaned? Keeping your family and home safe from the dangers of a dryer vent fire! According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 fires are started every year due to lint build up in your dryer vent. Every dryer owner knows that it’s important to keep the lint trap clean. Unfortunately, this practice alone isn’t enough to ensure your home’s safety.

When you put your clothes through a wash cycle, the agitation of the washer causes little bits of fiber from the fabric of your clothes to break away. Since your clothes are wet, these fibers stick to it. When you throw the clothes in the dryer and start it, warm air circulates. This causes your clothes to dry as they tumble. These fiber particles are released, and the air blows them through the lint trap where many of them stick, causing the lint trap to fill. Some of these particles, however, get through and are blown down your vent tubing and outside.

Some of these particles actually don’t make it all the way outside. Instead, they stick to the interior of your vent tubes, attracting more fibers. Over time, this buildup can become quite thick, obstructing the airflow through the vent tubing. If it gets too thick, it can cause your dryer’s motor to overheat, which can cause a dryer fire. It can also catch a random spark, which could also cause a dryer vent fire.

Professional Cleaning

The best way to avoid a dryer vent fire is to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned! Although it may seem like this is a do-it-yourself job, the professionals at Copper Top Chimney Service have special tools which allow for a thorough cleaning in a minimum amount of time.


Dryer vent fires are the biggest reason to have your vents professionally cleaned. Another reason is because clogged dryer vents affect the efficiency of your dryer. When your vents are clogged, your dryer’s motor has to work harder and longer to get those clothes dry. This leads to higher energy bills as well!

Safety and Efficiency

If you want to rest easy, without the worry of dryer vent fires, and enjoy lower energy bills as well, give Copper Top Chimney Service a call today!