Is It Time To Schedule A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Did you know that dryer vents are the leading cause of house fires here in the U.S.? Every year they account for thousands of injuries and millions in property loss. But with Copper Top, dryer vents don’t have to be a threat. Through regular cleanings, we can help reduce your risk of dryer vent fire.

Most homeowners do a great job of caring for their fireplaces but forget that dryer vents require regular cleaning as well. Just as chimney flues can develop layers of creosote and blockages, so too can dryer vents develop layers of lint buildup. As lint builds up, the passageway for air and heat during clothes dryer use is greatly restricted, causing the need for longer dry cycles and higher heats to get the job done. Like creosote, lint is highly flammable and can easily ignite, especially when exposed to these high temperatures.

But it’s not just lint that’s a concern and cause of dryer vent fires and inefficiency. If a cover is missing where the vent exits the home, animals, and birds can make their way into the vent to nest. The nesting materials, feathers, fur, and other debris brought in by the animals or birds can also greatly reduce airflow and spark a fire.

Signs Of The Times

Although cleaning frequency will depend upon several factors, including the amount of use your clothes dryer sees, some signs it’s time for a cleaning include these:

  • Your clothes dryer seems to be taking longer to dry a normal load of laundry
  • Your clothes dryer seems to be running hotter (appliance and clothes are hotter to the touch)
  • You notice a strange or burning smell every time you use your dryer

The best way to identify when it’s time for a cleaning is to schedule an annual dryer vent inspection. An inspection will reveal if it’s time for another cleaning or if you’re venting is still clean and clear.

We Have The Tools & Experience To Do The Job Right

The team here at Copper Top has the skills and tools needed to perform a thorough and effective dryer vent cleaning, no matter how long your dryer vent is. With Copper Top on the job, you can expect quality, professional work and a cleaner, safer, more efficient dryer vent.

Worried about having a lint mess on your hands? Don’t be! We use HEPA filter vacuums to capture and contain any loosened lint and debris so your home and air supply will remain clean throughout the cleaning process.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your annual dryer vent inspection and cleaning, call Copper Top at 770-944-1200! We’ve cleaned countless dryer vents in Atlanta, Augusta, Chattanooga, and beyond, and are eager to serve you and your family. Click here to request an appointment online!


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