Professional Smoke Chamber Repair Is Just A Phone Call Away

Having a fireplace in your home has so many advantages – from supplemental warmth and comfort to higher resale values. But sometimes your fireplace may need a little TLC in order to provide you with years of enjoyment and comfort. One of the parts of your fireplace that is likely to need some attention is the smoke chamber.

What Is & Where Is The Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is the inverted funnel that flows from the fireplace to the chimney flue. Because it works to direct smoke, heat, and the corrosive byproducts of combustion up into the flue so they can exit the chimney swiftly, the smoke chamber is quite literally in the middle of the action. For this reason, it takes on a lot of heat and abuse, which can cause it to deteriorate and crack.

Unfortunately, a deteriorating and cracked smoke chamber can be a real threat to both the safety and efficiency of the entire chimney system. Why?

Cracks, holes, and a rough surface along the smoke chamber can slow down the travel of smoke and byproducts exiting the chimney. As they slow, they can cool and settle along the walls of the chimney system in the form of creosote, a highly flammable and corrosive deposit, or they can backdraft into your home. Additionally, heat and byproducts can seep into the holes of the smoke chamber and come into contact with combustible building materials, damage the surrounding masonry, or enter the air supply of the home.

What Can Be Done For A Damaged Smoke Chamber?

If your smoke chamber has seen better days, Copper Top’s team of licensed and insured professionals can restore it by parging it smooth with Smoktite™. Smoktite is a ceramic product that is highly insulative and designed specifically for use on smoke chambers. This product can be sprayed on (without removing the throat damper) to provide a sealed, smooth, strong smoke chamber surface that is protected against moisture and the acidic byproducts of combustion. Thanks to Smoktite, you’ll be able to fire up your chimney, without wondering if there are any holes or other dangers lurking in your smoke chamber.

Request An Appointment To Have Your Smoke Chamber Parged Smooth Today

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If your masonry has crumbling brick or cracked, receding or missing mortar, then call on the chimney repair experts at Copper Top Chimney Services for their top-notch tuckpointing skills.