Keep Water Out Of Your Chimney For Good With Masonry Waterproofing!

A chimney leak is one of the worst things that can happen with your chimney system, and unfortunately, leaks often go unnoticed until they’ve caused quite a bit of damage. In fact, an unresolved chimney leak can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage before the homeowner notices any visible signs. Of course, annual chimney inspections can prevent leaks from doing such damage by revealing weaknesses and flaws in the chimney system early on.

If an inspection does reveal some kind of damage or weakness, like cracking mortar, spalling brick, a deteriorating crown, or a missing chase cover or chimney cap, the team at Copper Top can help resolve the issues right away. But once we’ve made the necessary repairs, we can help you prevent moisture issues with an extra service: masonry waterproofing.

Our masonry waterproofing services are sure to eradicate any leak you may have and give your chimney system the added protection to fight off even the heaviest rains. We use only the highest end and most trusted products from ChimneySaver, the industry’s leading supplier of masonry waterproofing products.

What Makes ChimneySaver’s Water-Repellent Products Different?

When it comes to superior masonry protection, it simply doesn’t get any better than ChimneySaver. These environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and sheer water-repellent products are designed specifically for use on masonry chimneys. For this reason, they’re vapor-permeable, which means they allow any moisture already trapped within the masonry to effectively escape, while still keeping rain, snow, and sleet from penetrating the brick and mortar.

What many homeowners don’t know is that if the product used to waterproof a masonry chimney is not vapor-permeable, moisture trapped inside could cause structural damage and lead to brick and mortar deterioration from the inside out. With ChimneySaver, that’s not a concern.

You’ll enjoy superior freeze/thaw protection, efflorescence and stain protection, and mildew and fungus protection for 10 years – guaranteed! So what are you waiting for? Have your chimney system professionally waterproofed today and cross chimney leaks off your list of worries! Call us at 770-944-1200 or request an appointment online today!

We can also add FlashSeal to your flashing for added protection – just ask!


What if a professional crown repair is all you need to stop that messy chimney leak? Call us for more information or a chimney inspection today.