Having A Cracking, Crumbling Crown? We Can Help!

With annual rainfall being around 50 inches here in the Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and East Ridge areas, our chimney crowns have quite a task. They have to stand up to the driving rain, year after year and resist cracking and crumbling as temperatures rise and drop and moisture contracts and expand. It’s no wonder crowns commonly need repairs and that plenty of chimney leaks can be traced back to the crown! What about your crown? Is it time to have it inspected for damage?

Cracks & Holes Allow Moisture To Seep In

Whenever we’re called about a leaky chimney, one of the first areas we check is the crown. This important component, which rests at the top of the chimney stack (much like the chase cover on a prefabricated chimney) is one of the chimney’s only lines of defense against rain, sleet, snow, and animal entry. When cracks develop, be they large cracks or hairline cracks, or holes appear, the crown can no longer effectively keep moisture from entering the chimney system. In these situations, repairs are absolutely necessary if you want to keep your chimney system free of the major damage caused by water.

CrownCoat – The Environmentally Friendly, Long-Lasting, Attractive Solution To Crown Damage

Here at Copper Top, we use one of the industry’s most trusted and proven products to repair crowns: CrownCoat. This amazing product, which was developed by ChimneySaver, is fast-drying and can be brushed on to damaged crowns. The product seals cracks, holes, and gaps in the crown, leaving a sealed surface that is protected against further water damage.

Worried about looks? CrownCoat can be custom colored to match with your existing crown, so you’re left with an attractive, seamless crown. Plus, the product carries a 15-year warranty when professionally applied, so you can expect long-lasting protection!

What If The Crown Is Damaged Beyond Repair Or Poorly Designed?

If a professional inspection reveals that your chimney crown is damaged beyond repair or that it was built improperly, which is why you have a leak on your hands, Copper Top can still help! We specialize in crown rebuilds and can remove your existing crown and have a new one put in its place in no time. Our crowns are built to the proper thickness, of proper materials, of a proper slope, and with an overhang that won’t dump water down onto your flashing or the masonry of your chimney.

Don’t leave your crown repair or rebuild to those who lack experience – call on Copper Top. Request an appointment online or call us at 770-944-1200!


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