Keep Moisture & Animals Out Of Your Prefab Chimney With A Durable Chase Cover

One of the major contributors to water problems and leaks in prefabricated chimneys is low-quality or missing chase covers. Chase covers, while designed to cover the opening of the chimney chase, are not always built to last. In fact, many chase covers that come stock with prefabricated chimneys are made of sub-par materials like aluminum or galvanized metal. These materials simply can’t stand up to the heavy rains we experience here in the greater Atlanta, Augusta, and Chattanooga areas (especially during the summer), and they develop rust and holes over time.

As holes, rust, and dents develop and gather water, moisture and rust can begin journeying down the sides of the chase, leaving awful and unpleasant-looking rust stains, as well as down into the chimney system, causing destruction throughout. Both scenarios can cause extensive damage if the problem is left unresolved – but we can help.

Here at Copper Top, we proudly install stainless steel chase covers, which are not only attractive but incredibly durable and long-lasting as well.

Why Choose A Stainless Steel Chase Cover?

Up front, it may be tempting to replace your old chase cover with another aluminum or galvanized metal cover. But if you want long-lasting protection and worry-free enjoyment of your prefabricated chimney system, a stainless steel chase cover is well worth the investment. Stainless steel, when properly fitted and installed, will protect your chimney against moisture damage and chimney leaks for years. And on top of being protective and long-lasting, stainless steel chase covers offer a sleek, low-profile look.

We Can Install Your New Chase Cover Quickly & Professionally

Is your prefabricated chimney properly protected or has your chase cover failed you? The best way to find out (before you start seeing the physical signs of damage) is to schedule an annual inspection with a licensed and insured chimney professional. Those of us here at Copper Top Chimney Services know what to look for and can let you know what kind of condition your chase cover is in. If it’s time for a replacement, we can take care of it. No matter the size of your chase, you can count on our experts to help locate the perfect chase cover and provide professional and effective installation services. Call 770-944-1200 or fill out our online appointment request form today!


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