We Can Put A Stop To Any Chimney Leak

When you hear the drip, drip of water in your fireplace or start to notice vegetation growth, discolored and damaged brick, rust streaks, and all of the other signs of a chimney leak, it’s natural to panic. But if you live in Atlanta, Augusta, Chattanooga, or another nearby community, you don’t have to panic! Copper Top’s team of licensed and insured professionals can put a stop to your leak and help you keep future water problems from springing up.

These are some of the chimney leak resolution and prevention services we offer:

  • Chimney Cap/Lock-Top Damper Installation – Chimney caps and lock-top dampers are designed to cover the flue of the chimney, and without either, a chimney leak is imminent. We’ll check to make sure that a strong storm hasn’t loosened or removed your chimney cap and that water damage hasn’t rendered it ineffective at keeping moisture out. If it’s time for a new cap or lock-top damper, you can expect us to provide expert installation – guaranteed!
  • Masonry Waterproofing – All masonry is porous, but damaged masonry will let even more moisture in. If you’re concerned with keeping moisture out of your chimney and preventing leaks, we can offer added protection through our masonry waterproofing services. We use the highest-quality masonry water-repellents, which offer 10 years of protection without altering the look or functionality of your chimney system.
  • Crown Repair – Chimney crowns commonly develop cracks and holes, and deteriorate due to moisture and the freeze/thaw cycle. Unfortunately, even the smallest crack can allow water to enter the chimney – and little cracks become big cracks. If a damaged crown is to blame for your chimney leak, we can make the needed repairs using CrownCoat or build you a new, long-lasting, and attractive crown.
  • Chase Covers – Masonry chimneys have crowns; prefabricated chimneys have chase covers. The biggest difference is that crowns are constructed of cement, while chase covers are made of metal – but both must be able to stand up to years of rain, snow, and sleet. Unfortunately, many stock chase covers are made of low-quality metals, which rust and wear through rather quickly, allowing water to enter the prefabricated chimney system. If your chase cover is deteriorating and in need of replacement, we’ll take care of it!

Whatever is to blame for your leaky chimney, you can count on Copper Top Chimney Services to eradicate the problem fast and effectively. Don’t wait – call us today at 770-944-1200 or request an appointment online.


Let our chimney repair experts help you determine if you need repairs to your smoke chamber so you don’t have to worry about smoke or toxic gases seeping into your living space.