We Offer Humane Animal Removal Services

Learning that you have furry or feathered tenants living in your chimney is never good news. Whether you find out through the constant chirps, through the smell, when a baby bird falls down into your fireplace and dies, when an animal makes its way down into your home, or through a professional inspection, it can be a frustrating problem to have. What can be done to get animals and birds out of your chimney and keep them out? Call on Copper Top!

The team here at Copper Top specializes in humane animal removal and can make sure your chimney stays animal-free. Whether you have living or dead raccoons, chipmunks, birds, squirrels, or another family of creatures nesting in your chimney, we can help. We’ll carefully and humanely capture the animals (oftentimes they are stuck and simply need help getting out), clean out any debris or bio-waste they may have left behind, and take steps to prevent future animal inhabitation. Most commonly, all that is needed is a quality chimney cap or lock-top damper.

Keeping Animals & Birds Out Is Easy With A Chimney Cap Or Lock-Top Damper

Chimney caps and lock-top dampers are metal coverings which affix to the chimney system to prevent the entry of animals, moisture, debris, and even downdrafts. Both chimney caps and lock-top dampers are installed at the top of the chimney flue, which is why they are both effective at keeping animals and birds out. The major difference between the two is that one, the lock-top damper, serves as both a cap and damper, and provides a complete, airtight seal when closed. Chimney caps do not provide an airtight seal, but they do protect the flue from animal and bird entry when properly fitted.

If a missing chimney cap is to blame for your animal problem, we can have one fitted and installed in no time. No matter the size of your chimney, the number of flues, or the aesthetic style you’re after, we’re confident we can find a chimney cap or lock-top damper that will be perfect for the job. Learn more about these two important chimney components here!

Enjoy A Clean, Animal-Free Chimney With Copper Top

You don’t have to just throw up your hands and live with animals in your chimney; call on Copper Top Chimney Services at 770-944-1200. With our team, removing animals from your chimney and keeping them out is easy and stress-free! Call or request an appointment with a licensed and insured professional online today!


One of the most important chimney and fireplace services we offer is our professional chimney cleaning. Let us help you check this chore off of your to-do list!