Chimney & Fireplace Services

Those of us here at Copper Top are committed to heightening public awareness of fire safety issues and reducing the fire risk of our neighbors in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Dallas, and the neighboring communities by offering comprehensive chimney, fireplace, and venting services. Our licensed and insured technicians have extensive experience caring for chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves of all types and ages, and have served thousands of satisfied customers. Here are some of the chimney and fireplace services we offer:

  • Chimney Cleaning – A healthy, long-lasting, beautiful chimney starts with regular cleanings! Through cleanings, we’re able to sweep away any soot, ash, or deposits that have accumulated along the chimney liner, damper, and fireplace, so that the system remains clean, efficient, and in great condition. Additionally, cleanings allow us to remove any nesting materials or debris that may have made their way into the chimney and caused an obstruction or fire hazard. Have you had your chimney professionally cleaned recently?
  • Chimney Inspections – One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner is keep up with annual chimney inspections. Inspections give you professional insight into your chimney system’s health and can help locate problems or weak areas within your system while issues are still small and non-threatening. Here at Copper Top, we use video scanning equipment to provide the most thorough and accurate chimney inspections possible.
  • Fireplace & Stove Installation – If your fireplace or stove isn’t bringing you enjoyment every time the temperatures drop, maybe it’s time to update! Those of us here at Copper Top specialize in fireplace and stove installation and will even help you locate the perfect appliance for your home, lifestyle, and budget. We’re here to help, from purchase to the first relaxing fire!
  • Animal Removal – Having animals or birds in your chimney isn’t just unpleasant, it’s dangerous for both you and the animals inside – but we can help. We provide humane animal removal services and will make sure your chimney is animal-free and clean – now, and in the future.

If you live in AlpharettaMariettaFayetteville, or anywhere else in the area and are looking for a small team of honest, hard-working chimney professionals to take care of your chimney, fireplace, and venting needs, call on Copper Top at 770-944-1200! We’re committed to meeting your needs and keeping you and your family safer and warmer, season after season.

We also offer online appointment requests for your convenience!


The professionals at Copper Top perform all kinds of chimney repairs so you don’t have to worry about safety issues while you enjoy the beauty of your home and hearth.